Our competitive club teams are led by dedicated, experienced professionals committed to developing academic and athletic excellence in young people.


2003/04 NPL Ben Forey, Jesus Miramontes
2006 ECNL-RL Ben Forey
2006 White Doug Reid
2006 Blue Logan Adams
2006 Discovery Scott Hamilton
2007 ECNL-RL Scott Hamilton 
2007 Black Jesus Miramontes
2007 White Logan Adams
2007 Black Phil O'Kennedy
2008 Black Omar Masri
2008 Mike Stauber
2009 Blue Harry Willhoit
2009 ECNL-RL Phil O'Kennedy
2009  Phil O'Kennedy
2010 Mike Stauber
2011 Blue Mike Stauber
2011 Scott Hamilton
2012 Blue Doug Reid
2012 Doug Reid
2013 White Ben Forey
2013 Blue Harry Willhoit
2013 Brandon Goldman 
2014 Ben Forey
2014 Jon Fossett
2015 Ben Forey


G2004 Discovery NPL East Alberto Silva
G2004 Discovery NPL North Mike Ickes
G2005 Discovery NPL North Alberto Silva
G2005 Flight 1 Justine Sauder-Cooper
G2005 Flight 2 Alberto Silva
G2006 Discovery NPL East Kevin Elson
G2007 Flight 1 Champions Justine Sauder-Cooper
G2007 Flight 1 Trevor Ickes
G2007 Flight 2 Trevor Ickes
G2008 Flight 1 Kevin Elson
G2008 Flight 2/3 Mike Ickes
G2009 Discovery NPL Doug Reid
G2010 Flight 2 Kevin Elson
G2011 Sullivan Flight 2 Chris Sullivan
G20011 Dell Flight 2 Bryan Dell
G2011 Watson Flight 2 Marcus Watson
G2011 Watson Blue Flight 3 Marcus Watson
G2012 Watson Flight 2 Marcus Watson
G2012 Watson Blue Flight 3 Marcus Watson
G2013 Flight 2 Chris Sullivan
G2013 Blue TBC
G2013 White Taylor Rowden
G2014 Kevin Elson
G2015 Chris Sullivan
G2015 Blue Leticia Fernandez