Our competitive club teams are led by dedicated, experienced professionals committed to developing academic and athletic excellence in young people.


Boys 2015 Kyle Pizano
Boys 2014 Mike Rubio
Boys 2013 Keak Lam
Boys 2013 Black Kyle Pizano
Boys 2012 Keak Lam
Boys 2011 Mike Rubio/Bryan Roney
Boys 2011 (9v9) Sean Novak
Boys 2011 Black Leni Castellanos
Boys 2010 Sean Novak
Boys 2009 White James Hughes/Bryan Roney
Boys 2009 Black Mauricio Bardales
Boys 2008 Ruben Villalobos
Boys 2006 Blue Ruben Villalobos
Boys 2004/05 Chip Fuller
Boys RL 2004/05 Erik Kirsch
Boys 2004/05 Blue Alberto Lopez


Girls 2014 Mike Rubio
Girls 2013 Saul Wolf
Girls 2012 Kevin Mclain
Girls 2011 Mauricio Bardales
Girls 2006 White Rasheed Yusuf
Girls 2007 Bethany Haynes
Girls 2006 Mauricio Bardales