We believe that the pursuit of excellence in the areas of academics and soccer helps develop maturity and self-confidence. We believe that the experiences a player has with the Pateadores will be beneficial throughout their lifetime.

pateadores original logo

Pateadores is a Spanish slang term that means "kickers".

The colors for the Pateadores Soccer Club have been blue and yellow since the inception of the club in 1987. The crest was adopted in 1989 and is outlined in yellow surrounding the blue and white crest. The black swan was added to the crest in 1995. This is to symbolize the club's unique style of play, which is aggressive, territorial, and graceful. The swan's segments represent the 4 original founding teams in the club; U19, U17, U16, and U15.

Pictured: Our very first crest.

The initials at the bottom of the crest, RMO, are a tribute to Robert M. O'Leary, the original Director and Head Coach of the Pateadores Soccer Club.

pateadores founder bob o'leary
pateadores logo


  • The current Pateadores Crest has the same design as the original but with 7 stars added.
  • The yellow star represents the 2011 United States Soccer Development Academy Championship.
  • The blue stars represent the 3x Cal South National Championships.
  • The white stars represent the 3x US Club National Championships.


  • To help develop each player to their fullest potential as a person and as a soccer player.
  • To provide positive role models for younger players to emulate.
  • To develop teams that compete for National Championship.
  • To expose Pateadores players to collegiate and professional opportunities.