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Boys ECNL Menu

Boys ECNL is our Nationally Recognized Elite Player Development Program and Competitive Platform for Boys


Founded in 2017, the Boys ECNL is the nation's premier boys club soccer development organization.

Our Boys ECNL and ECNL-RL teams provide a top quality, demanding, competitive environment for players looking to prepare for soccer in college and beyond.

Today, the ECNL represents the epitome of excellence in youth soccer, for boys and girls, as the league and its clubs, players, coaches, and everyone involved seeks to constantly “Raise the Game” for the future.

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Cale Rodriguez

ECNL Boys 2008

Joel Hawes

ECNL Boys 2009, ECNL Boys 2010

Matthew Hanson

ECNL Boys 2007, ECNL Boys 2006

Teddy Chronopoulos

ECNL Boys 2003/2004


Albert Moushabek

ECNL-RL Boys 2010

Erik Kirsch

Boys ECNL–RL 2004/2005

Mike Stauber

ECNL-RL Boys 2006, Boys11 Blue, Boys 2010, Boys 2008

Phil O Kennedy

ECNL-RL Boys 2008, ECNL-RL Boys 2009, Boys 2007 Black, Boys 2009

Scott Hamilton

ECNL-RL Boys 2007, Pre-ECNL Boys 2011B


Graeme Jennings

Pre-ECNL Boys 2011A, Pre-ECNL Boys 2012A

Kyran Gwilt

Pre-ECNL Boys 2012

Scott Hamilton

ECNL-RL Boys 2007, Pre-ECNL Boys 2011B